Episode #3 – Thermal stress and Heat adaptation for cycling performance

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March 10, 2019
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April 7, 2019

Episode #3 – Thermal stress and Heat adaptation for cycling performance

Elite cyclists are always seeking to maximize training adaptations to improve racing performance and using altered environmental conditions to achieve this outcome has become increasingly popular among these athletes. Additionally, a series of potencial nutrition and hydration interventions may also optimize the adaptation to altered environments. Similarly, the use of heat acclimation to optimize performance in hot/humid performance in hot/humid environmental conditions is well supported by scientific evidence, appearing to have positive outcomes.
On this episode, we will present the evidence for such outcomes and how to apply them in the context of cycling training and competition.

On this episode:

1. Understanding how does heat exposure Impair cycling performance and at what temperature and humidity conditions this is especially relevant

2. What is heat adaptation and what popular world tour competitions would require such a strategy to be performed in advance

3. Differences among men and women on their capacity to regulate body temperature. Effects of female menstrual cycle on body temperature regulation

4. Tools and strategies to monitor hydration during heat acclimatization

5. Potential effects of ice slurry & menthol in perceived hyperthermia

6. The posible role of intentionally training in a dehydrated state to improve familiarization with dehydration in order to delay performance decrements

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