For Cycling Teams

Cycling teams normally have a very busy agenda with long haul flights with competition in countries with very different foods and nailing all the details of nutrition and hydration while travelling can be tricky.

Altitude training is a usual routine in pro cycling teams where stress from altitude exposure can blunt some training adaptation that coaches normally seek. Proper nutrition can help minimize that excessive stress while contributing to promote the training adaptations that are sought.

Apart for this, multi-day stage performance is highly dependent on the 4 great moments a cyclist has to fuel. Pre-race nutrition, in-race nutrition, recovery and dinner:

  1. Pre-race nutrition must provide enough energy to fuel for the race but at the same time it is essential to minimize bloating and gastrointestinal distress.
  2. In-race nutrition needs to be carefully planned in advance with a focus on training the gut with the right concentration of isotonic drink, the right type of bars, gels or other sports food.
  3. While all these meals are important for the rider’s performance, the recovery moment plays a protocol that maximizes muscle glycogen replenishment.
  4. Though dinner is a social moment for the riders and coaches, it is important to follow specific guidelines to fuel for the work required on the next stage.

Fuel the pedal provides useful nutrition and supplementation guidelines when traveling in long haul flights to minimize jet lag effects and allow for adaptation for time zone. Catering recommendations will also be provided for hard competition schedules of cycling teams in order to fuelling-up before the stage while maximizing recovery for the next day.

What’s included:

  • 1h initial consultation with team representant
  • Traveling plan for riders
  • 2 video call sessions per month (75€ per hour of extra session)
  • Altitude training plans to minimize altitude exposure stress
  • Catering recommendations for multi-stage race events
  • Gut training protocols
  • Glycogen loading protocols
  • In-race nutrition with hydration protocols
  • Fast recovery protocols
  • Dietary supplements for competition and travelling
  • 4 emails per month

Monthly price – 2000€