For Individual Riders

Whilst diets may vary, it’s important to meet the needs of both the body’s physical and metabolic demand for calories.

Having a programmed diet adapted to your day-to-day training and work routine is an essential part in progressing in training – it completes all of the hard work that you put in day in-day out. The correct foods will fuel your body, recover and strengthen your muscles and provide you with enough energy to keep you going.

During the previous months of training we will focus on periodized nutrition to provide enough fuel to sustain training intensity, assuring proper recovery while maximizing training adaptations. Weight and body composition will also be monitored and controlled while manipulating carbohydrate in order to further enhance training adaptations.

In this plan all your meals will be arranged according the different workouts you have across the season, including glycogen loading protocols as well as fast recovery protocols in the case of multi stage events.

You will have an initial video call session with an Accredited Nutritionist followed by monthly video call meetings to monitor your progress and clarify any questions that may arise.

What’s included:

  • 1h initial consultation
  • Training-adapted nutrition plan
  • 2x video call session per month (100€ per hour of extra session)
  • Race nutrition plan
  • In-race nutrition with hydration protocol
  • Gut training protocol
  • Periodized supplementation plan
  • WhatsApp interaction
  • Racing calendar adaptation

Monthly price – 400€