For Women Cycling

More and more women are participating in cycling competitions and it may be assumed that this tendency will even grow in the next few years.

It is therefore important to make appropriate nutritional recommendations taking the specific physiological requirements of female cyclists into account.

Having special attention to some micronutrients such as iron, calcium, and vitamin D is a small but vital part of a large process where nutrition planning makes a huge difference.

Generally, women have a much more efficient metabolism with less reliance on carbohydrate metabolism and higher rates of fat oxidation.

Menstrual cycle can also condition performance and training adaptation and some nutritional adjustments may be needed.

In this plan all your meals will be arranged according the different workouts you have across the season, including glycogen loading protocols as well as fast recovery protocols in the case of multi stage events.

You will have an initial video call session with an Accredited Nutritionist followed by monthly video call meetings to monitor your progress and clarify any questions that may arise.

What’s included:

  • 1h initial consultation
  • Training-adapted nutrition plan (1 edit per month included. 30€ per extra editing)
    • With menstrual cycling dietary adaptation
    • With micronutrient adjustments to female physiology
  • 1 video call session per month (50€ per hour of extra session)
  • Glycogen loading protocol 
    • Adapted to female physiology requirements
  • In-race nutrition with hydration protocol
  • Gut training protocol
  • Fast recovery protocol
  • Dietary supplements for different training phases and competition
  • 2 emails per month

Monthly price – 200€