FTP #14: James Morton, PhD – The groundwork of Performance Nutrition in Pro cycling: Part 2

FTP #13: James Morton, PhD – The groundwork of Performance Nutrition in Pro cycling: Part 1
October 7, 2019
FTP #15: Bryan Saunders, PhD – Buffer agents in cycling: The role of ß-Alanine and Sodium Bicarbonate
November 4, 2019

FTP #14: James Morton, PhD – The groundwork of Performance Nutrition in Pro cycling: Part 2

Guest Bio

Dr. James Morton

James is a Professor of Exercise Metabolism & Nutrition at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). James’ specific research interests focus on the molecular and cellular responses of human skeletal muscle to acute and chronic exercise and the impact of diet and nutrition on modulating these responses. To date, he has authored over 130 research publications in the fields of sports nutrition, physiology and metabolism as well as numerous books / book chapters on these topics. In addition to research, James also works in elite professional sport in both sports physiology and nutrition support roles.  From 2010-2015, he was the performance nutritionist to Liverpool FC and also specializes in providing nutritional and conditioning support to a range of professional boxers, MMA athletes and jockeys. James was also the Head of Nutrition for Team Sky between 2015 and 2019 having led the nutrition strategy for the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Tour de France victories.  He is also the Director of Performance Solutions for Science in Sport (SiS).

On this Episode:

  • The Fuel for the work required framework and application in elite cyclists
  • The role of protein intake during multi-stage racing
  • Food on the bike – the particular case of rice cakes
  • Carbohydrate intake during racing
  • Fueling Chris Froome’s attack during stage 19 – Giro D’Italia 2018
  • Dietary recommendations for time-trial performance
  • Bone mineral density in pro cyclists
  • Paper-to-podium matrix and the future of performance nutrition-related research

Articles mentioned during the episode:

Fuel for the work required study
Impey, S. G., Hearris, M. A., Hammond, K. M., Bartlett, J. D., Louis, J., Close, G. L., & Morton, J. P. (2018). Fuel for the work required: a theoretical framework for carbohydrate periodization and the glycogen threshold hypothesisSports Medicine48(5), 1031-1048.

University of Copenhagen original study
Hansen, A. K., Fischer, C. P., Plomgaard, P., Andersen, J. L., Saltin, B., & Pedersen, B. K. (2005). Skeletal muscle adaptation: training twice every second day vs. training once dailyJournal of Applied Physiology98(1), 93-99.

LJMU research on ultrasound technology limitations on accessing muscle glycogen
Routledge, H. E., Bradley, W. J., Shepherd, S. O., Cocks, M., Erskine, R. M., Close, G. L., & Morton, J. P. (2019). Ultrasound Does Not Detect Acute Changes in Glycogen in Vastus Lateralis of Man. Medicine and science in sports and exercise.

Low bone mineral density in cyclists
Keay, N., Francis, G., & Hind, K. (2018). Low energy availability assessed by a sport-specific questionnaire and clinical interview indicative of bone health, endocrine profile and cycling performance in competitive male cyclists. BMJ open sport & exercise medicine4(1), e000424.

Paper to podium Matrix
Close, G. L., Kasper, A. M., & Morton, J. P. (2019). From paper to podium: quantifying the translational potential of performance nutrition researchSports Medicine49(1), 25-37.

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