FTP #20: Sara Oikawa, PhD – New developments in collagen research: implications for endurance athletes

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January 12, 2020
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February 10, 2020

FTP #20: Sara Oikawa, PhD – New developments in collagen research: implications for endurance athletes

Sara Oikawa, Ph.D.

Guest Bio

Sara earned a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, a Masters of Science in Kinesiology, and  Ph.D. in Kinesiology specializing in skeletal muscle metabolism and nutrition from McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada), under the supervision of Dr. Stuart Phillips. Sara’s research has spanned several populations (young and older adults, pregnancy, cardiac rehabilitation, elite athletes) though the focus of her Ph.D. was to examine the role of protein quality and physical (in)activity in healthy older adults.

Twitter Profile: @saraoikawa

On this episode:

  • Collagen structure, role and amino acid profile
  • Current limitations and gaps in collagen research
  • Comparing collagen with Lactalbumin in endurance trained individuals (Sara’s research)
  • Comparing collagen with whey protein in older individuals (Sara’s research)
  • Effects on muscle protein synthesis and connective tissue repair
  • Implications for cyclists and endurance athletes
  • Glycineproline, and hydroxyproline in collagen… Are they of any benefit?
  • The importance of protein quality in the athletes diet
  • Future research questions

Articles mentioned during the episode:

Oikawa, S. Y., Kamal, M. J., Webb, E. K., McGlory, C., Baker, S. K., & Phillips, S. M. (2020). Whey protein but not collagen peptides stimulate acute and longer-term muscle protein synthesis with and without resistance exercise in healthy older women: a randomized controlled trialThe American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Oikawa, S. Y., MacInnis, M. J., Tripp, T. R., McGlory, C., Baker, S. K., & Phillips, S. M. (2019). Lactalbumin, Not Collagen, Augments Muscle Protein Synthesis with Aerobic ExerciseMedicine and science in sports and exercise.

Oikawa, S. Y., McGlory, C., D’Souza, L. K., Morgan, A. K., Saddler, N. I., Baker, S. K., … & Phillips, S. M. (2018). A randomized controlled trial of the impact of protein supplementation on leg lean mass and integrated muscle protein synthesis during inactivity and energy restriction in older personsThe American journal of clinical nutrition108(5), 1060-1068.

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