FTP #22: Ida Heikura, PhD student – Periodization of energy and carbohydrate availability for endurance athletes: What’s new?

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February 10, 2020
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March 22, 2020

FTP #22: Ida Heikura, PhD student – Periodization of energy and carbohydrate availability for endurance athletes: What’s new?

Twitter profile: @IdaHeikura
Email: ida.heikura@gmail.com

Guest Bio

Ida earned a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. She completed her Ph.D. in Australia (Australian Catholic University) under the supervision of Prof Louise Burke, Prof John Hawley, and Dr Trent Stellingwerff (CSI Pacific, Canada). Her thesis focused on: (1) Self-reported dietary periodization in world-class endurance athletes across macro-, meso- and micro-cycles of training and competition; (2) Day-by-day periodization of energy and carbohydrate availability in professional cyclists across single-day racing and effects on physique and endocrine system; (3) The effects of a 3-week ketogenic diet and acute carbohydrate feeding on bone turnover in world-class race walkers; and (4) The effects of 5 d of low energy vs low carbohydrate availability on bone turnover in world-class race walkers. Ida’s research interests span a range of topics, from periodized energy and carbohydrate availability, to the recently defined concept Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport.

On this episode:

  • The basics of carbohydrate and energy periodization in endurance athletes
  • Interpretation of periodized approaches by endurance athletes
  • The current state of “diet wars” and “food tribalism”
  • Periodization in Pro cyclists: the case of Mitchelton Scott during the 2018 spring classics
  • Low energy availability during the cycling spring classics
  • Periodizing carbohydrate VS traditional high carbohydrate feeding
  • Carbohydrate manipulation and immune health
  • Ketogenic diet and the impact on bone health
  • Dietary periodization and altitude exposure

Articles mentioned during the episode:

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