FTP #26: Jamie Pugh, PhD – Probiotic supplementation for health and performance: a balanced overview

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April 12, 2020
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May 18, 2020

FTP #26: Jamie Pugh, PhD – Probiotic supplementation for health and performance: a balanced overview

Jamie Pugh, PhD

Guest bio

Dr. Jamie Pugh (PhD) is a post-doctoral research at Liverpool John Moores University. During his PhD and current work, he has looked at the effect exercise can have on the gastrointestinal system and in more recent work, looked at the effects probiotic supplementation can have on endurance athletes. He has also worked as a consultant nutritionist and physiologist for a number of professional teams, marathon runners and extreme endurance athletes.

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On this episode:

  • The Complexity and role of the gut microbiota in the human metabolism
  • Microbiota vs. Microbiome, Probiotics, Prebiotic, Symbiotics, Postbiotics, Immunobiotics
  • The hosts’ baseline microbiota
  • Probiotic-rich foods VS Probiotic supplementation
  • Probiotic supplementation and carbohydrate metabolism in cyclists
  • The gut microbiota resilience to change after Probiotic supplementation
  • When and how to take probiotics?
  • The effects on upper respiratory tract infections
  • The effects in reducing GI distress
  • Protein overfeeding and the gut microbiota
  • Take home messages

Articles mentioned during the episode:

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