FTP #29: Teun Van Erp, PhD – Load, Intensity and Performance in Professional Road Cycling

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May 31, 2020
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June 28, 2020

FTP #29: Teun Van Erp, PhD – Load, Intensity and Performance in Professional Road Cycling

Teun Van Erp, PhD
Twitter | ResearchGate

Link to download Teun’s PhD Thesis

Teun van Erp was born on February 21, 1985 in Nistelrode. During his study physiotherapy, he noticed the lack of scientific background and after graduating he applied to the (pre-) master program Human Movement Sciences at the Vrije University in Amsterdam with the focus on sport science. After graduating, he worked for 9 years as an embedded scientist at cycling team Sunweb and predecessors. The team was highly successful with multiple stage victories in Grand Tours, two Classics victories, the overall victory in the Giro d’ Italia and three World Titles. With this more embedded role at cycling Team Sunweb he missed the academic field and therefore started to work in his off-time on his PhD project titled: load, intensity and performance in professional road cycling. At this moment he is working as post-doc at Stellenbosch University to focus on an academic career.

On this episode:

  • Evolution of training and performance monitoring tools in cycling
  • The use of the Power meter (and the rumor of its possible ban)
  • Performance parameters of a Grand Tour winner
  • Cycling Gross efficiency
  • The Physiology of female riders VS male riders
  • Challenges female cycling still faces
  • Strategies to prevent RED-S in cycling
  • Tools to monitor Training Load in male and female cyclists
  • The challenges for the present season (post-quarantine)

Ongoing research surveys/questionnaires:

Note: Please note that the data collection for these research will finish in the next couple of weeks, which means the links may expire soon.
(Publication date: 14/06/2020)

Click here to access the link for the survey

👆 Lewis James and Dr. Stephen Mears from Loughborough University. And then encourage Cyclists, to complete their quick 1 online survey, so they can better understand your nutritional needs during training and competition

Link for practitioners
Link for athletes

👆 Vlad Sabou, a PhD student from the University of Exeter, who is supervised by Dr. Joanna Bowtell are calling for sports nutrition practitioners, S&C coaches and athletes to take part in their study regarding attitudes towards the use of tart cherry supplements.

Click here to access the link for the survey

👆 Jeff RothChild along with Ed Maunder, both from AUT’s Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand – are investigating the reliability of the 3-minute critical power test performed at home. So If you have an indoor trainer, you can take part by performing this three 3-minute test and sending them the data.

Click here to access the link for the survey

Andreas Kreuzer from Texas Christian University – is performing a survey on training, nutrition, recovery, and sleep practices. Should take no more than 1 hour. You can even win one of ten $100 gift cards.

Articles mentioned during the episode:

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