FTP #34: PART 2: Louise Burke, PhD – Ketogenic diets for cycling performance: the future of elite endurance sports?

FTP #33: Louise Burke, PhD – Ketogenic diets for cycling performance: the future of elite endurance sports?
August 26, 2020
FTP #35: Kelly McNulty & Kirsty Elliott-Sale – The Female cyclist series: Menstrual cycle and endurance exercise performance
September 28, 2020

FTP #34: PART 2: Louise Burke, PhD – Ketogenic diets for cycling performance: the future of elite endurance sports?

Prof. Louise Burke, OAM PhD APD
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Louise is a sports dietitian with nearly 40 years of experience in the education and counselling of elite athletes.  She worked at the Australian Institute of Sport for thirty years, first as Head of Sports Nutrition and then as Chief of Nutrition Strategy.  She was the team dietitian for the Australian Olympic Teams for the 1996-2012 Summer Olympic Games.  Her publications include over 350 papers in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters, and the authorship or editorship of several textbooks on sports nutrition.  She is an editor of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. Louise was a founding member of the Executive of Sports Dietitians Australia and is a Director of the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition. She was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2009 for her contribution to sports nutrition.   Louise was appointed as Chair in Sports Nutrition in the Mary MacKillop Institute of Health Research at Australian Catholic University in Melbourne in 2014 and took up this position in a full-time capacity in 2020.

On this episode:

  • Scenarios in which a Ketogenic diet (KD) could be beneficial
  • The effects of KD in the oral microbiome (nitrate reducing bacteria)
  • Bone health and ketogenic diets
  • Exogenous ketones in cycling
  • Are KD the future of elite endurance sports?

Articles mentioned during the episode:

Burke, L. M., Sharma, A. P., Heikura, I. A., Forbes, S. F., Holloway, M., McKay, A. K., … & Ross, M. L. (2020). Crisis of confidence averted: Impairment of exercise economy and performance in elite race walkers by ketogenic low carbohydrate, high fat (LCHF) diet is reproduciblePloS one15(6), e0234027.

Murtaza, N., Burke, L. M., Vlahovich, N., Charlesson, B., O’Neill, H. M., Ross, M. L., … & Morrison, M. (2019). Analysis of the effects of dietary pattern on the oral microbiome of elite endurance athletesNutrients11(3), 614.

Heikura, I. A., Burke, L. M., Hawley, J. A., Ross, M. L., Garvican-Lewis, L., Sharma, A. P., … & Ackerman, K. E. (2020). A Short-term ketogenic diet impairs markers of bone health in response to exerciseFrontiers in endocrinology10, 880.

Poffé, C., Ramaekers, M., Bogaerts, S., & Hespel, P. (2020). Exogenous ketosis impacts neither performance nor muscle glycogen breakdown in prolonged endurance exerciseJournal of Applied Physiology128(6), 1643-1653.

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