FTP #38: Dana Lis – Collagen supplementation, explosive exercise performance and implications for sprinters

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October 26, 2020
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FTP #38: Dana Lis – Collagen supplementation, explosive exercise performance and implications for sprinters

One foot in leading edge-research and the other in high performance sport Dana plays a unique simultaneous role of researcher and practitioner. As a Project Scientist in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior at University California Davis she leads human studies in the Baar lab focused on nutrition strategies to reduce injury, accelerate return to play and improve explosive performance. As a high-performance sport dietitian Dana focuses on two polar sports; the National Basketball Association and World Tour Cycling with Israel Start-Up Nation. She has spent about a decade racing bikes but now focuses on helping others get faster, fitter and win the biggest prestigious events.

On this episode:

  • Collagen tissues, dietary collagen and bioavailability concerns
  • Amino acid profile of collagen and human digestibility
  • Collagen dietary sources, “vegan collagen” and hydrolized collagen supplements
  • Markers on increased collagen synthesis: limitation and considerations
  • Relevant research using collagen in athletic populations
  • The importance of “Rate of force development” (RFD) in sprint-based athletes
  • Dana’s research using collagen to improve explosive performance
  • Implications for sprinters
  • Integrated approach and future directions

Articles mentioned during the episode:

Lis, D. M., & Baar, K. (2019). Effects of Different Vitamin C–Enriched Collagen Derivatives on Collagen SynthesisInternational journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism29(5), 526-531.

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