Nutrition Consulting

Are you looking forward expert nutritional guidance for you or for your cycling team?

In Fuel the Pedal we offer focused evidenced-based nutrition plans to cyclists for training and racing on single or multi-stage events, while adjusting body weight and ideal body composition for peak performance.

Here’s what we do?

During the previous months of training we will focus on periodized nutrition to provide enough fuel to sustain training intensity, assuring proper recovery while maximizing training adaptations. Weight and body composition will also be monitored.

The period before racing will have a major focus carbohydrate loading protocols properly adjusted to the race characteristics and the cyclist’s dietary preferences.Fueling during race events is also a vital part of the process, where previous “training the gut” sessions will be taken into account so that the cyclist can tolerate a high amount of carbohydrate during long stages where sustaining a high intensity is key for maximum performance.