Who am I?

My name is Gabriel Martins and a Portuguese Sports Nutritionist living and working in Madrid.

I’m no famous celebrity

I’m no Instagram influencer

Nor I have a six pack all year long

I’m just a passionate Nutritionist who rides a bike and wants to share some Science on cycling nutrition .

My bike has always been a part of my life and I could almost say that the pedals have been my extra pair of legs.

Only many years after this picture I started worrying about the strategies on how to fuel my own and other people’s “pedals” in order to achieve a better cycling performance.

My work as a Nutritionist started in Portugal where I Began working with athletes of different modalities such as swimmers, marathon runners, crossfitters, cyclists and triathletes.

With time, my focus shifted towards cyclists of many area such as road cycling, mountain bike and ciclocross athletes. Even though I’ve always practiced cycling throughout my life, in 2015 I began taking things more seriously and began competing at an amateur level in Portugal.

In 2016 I came to Madrid to obtain a Masters’ degree (MSc) in Training and Sports Nutrition in the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid – Universidad Europea. This upgraded my vision on the role of nutrition in sports, speacially thanks to the opportunities to interact with renowned names in Sports Nutrition such as Asker Jeukendrup, Yann LeMeur, Iñigo Mujika and Juan del Coso.

While in Spain, I’ve had to chance to keep working with endurance athletes and focus even more on cycling while also competing at a higher level and having participated in several cycling events through Spain.

After obtaining my MSc. degree I’ve started working as a researcher in dietary supplements´ contamination.

I’ve started working as a researcher at the University Camilo José Cela in Madrid. Our research focuses on studying supplement contamination and the use of ergogenic aids in sports performance.

Currently, I keep working with cycling athletes and competing in both road cycling and mountain bike events, always trying to get a better understanding about the specifics on how to FUEL THE PEDAL.

My name is Gabriel Martins, I’m a proud Portuguese sports nutritionist, living in Catalonia and currently working for Israel Premier Tech World tour cycling team.